Methods & practices overview

I’m interested in the methods and practices that people use to tackle complex societal challenges, also called ‘social innovation’. On these pages you can find information about the various practices I study.

Design-based practices

Two core practices of design that contribute to social innovation are problem framing and human-centred design, in particular with deep insights using the ‘NADI-model‘ that I developed.

Transdisciplinary practices

To work on complex challenges we need to work in transdisciplinary ways. I wrote a blog post on what transdisciplinary innovation means, and on what this means for how we work and learn together in networks.

Systemic design practices

A new field of practice is where the worlds of systems thinking and design come together. Designers often ask me where they should start if they want to know more about systems thinking. Here are some suggestions. I also study specific systemic design practices.

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