Vivid: Dare to Design for Health

I am very excited to be speaking at the Vivid: Dare to Design for Health event, organised by the wonderful Jane Cockburn! Please come along if you want to help reimagining Australia’s future health care.

In my session I will be talking about how design is becoming increasingly popular as an approach to address complex societal problems such as chronic health issues, climate change, social isolation and a growing elderly population. One element of design that is often applied in these social design and innovation practices is design’s human-centeredness. Many scholars and practitioners agree that a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of stakeholders are required to develop innovative solutions.

Empathy generating activities, real-life personas, and inspirational stories are just a few of the many methods and tools that are available to generate these insights. But what do we really mean when we talk about a ‘deep’ understanding? And how do these insights then take us to new and innovative solutions? In this talk I will shed some light on this question by introducing a model that distinguishes different levels of depth in human-centred design and innovation, and by showing how the deepest levels impact the generation of innovative solutions. I will illustrate this with case studies from the educational and health sector

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