Slides talk Social Design Sydney – Systemic design for public and social innovation

Earlier this week I shared some of my research about systemic design in public and social innovation, and discussed the implication of systemic design for systems change with Tim Tompson at the Social Design Sydney event ‘Systems change with systemic design‘. You can download a copy of my slides here: 180925systemicdesign_mieke

And watch a video of the talk here:


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  1. Thanks for the great talk! In the questions you mentioned the idea of disorienting experiences to surface and address mindsets. Could you share a reference to a good article or paper on the topic?

    1. Hi Alex,
      Thank you for your question. I have asked Katie Ross about your question, as she was the one who told me about disorienting experiences. The term comes from the field of transformative learning. She suggested the following readings:
      The long answer – that would send the questioner on quite a journey – would be to say, read anything by Jack Mezirow, Edward Taylor, Patricia Cranton, John Dirkx, Elizabeth Lange, Edward O’Sullivan and to subscribe to alerts from the Journal for Transformative Education.

      Easier readings include:
      Kitchenham 2008 – explains the evolution of Mezirow’s thought, beginning with the disorienting dilemma >> Andrew Kitchenham, The evolution of John Mezirow’s transformative learning theory, in Journal of Transformative Education 6(2) 2008
      Dirkx et al 2006 – a conversation between the rational/cognitive side of transformative learning and the transrational/intuitive side >> Dirx, Mezrow, Cranton, Musings and reflections on the meaning, context, and process of transformative learning – Journal of transformative education 4(2)
      Lange 2012 – who suggest that it might not be about the disorienting dilemma at all, but rather the energy, processes and structures that allow something else creative to emerge >> Transforming transformative learning through sustainability and the new science, in 2012 The Handbook of Transformative Learning: Theory, Research, and Practice (Taylor and Cranton)

      Hope that helps! Mieke

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